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Goal Achievement Programme

Blog The Goal Achievement Programme18/12/2020 Merry Christmas from Mock Interviews. Christmas is here and that means it’s time for your present. Watch the video to unwrap your …
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Video Interview Tips: Ace a video interview

Blog Video Interview Tips08/08/2020 Why should you prepare for a video interview when applying for a job? Employers are increasingly using video interviews for recruitment. Either replacing or …
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STAR Method for Interview Questions

Blog STAR Method for Interview Questions11/05/2020 The STAR method is the best way to answer competency based job interview questions. In this post, I’m going to cover …
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Goal Planning for Interview Success

Goal Planning for Interview Success04/01/2020 Happy New Year! (and new decade!) 2020 if here! What Goal planning are you doing in 2020? At the start of a …
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