Year Compass: Goals for a New Year


Happy New Year 2021 from Mock Interviews. A New Year means New Year’s resolutions are top of mind. What’s the best way to plan your year ahead and any New Year resolutions?

The answer is a tool called the “Year Compass”.

New Year 2021 – Youtube video

Year Compass

Year Compass is a free to download booklet which gets you to answer a series of questions and exercises to reflect. This is split into two parts: the past year and the year ahead. This is perfect for planning new year’s resolutions.

This gives you time to reflect but also focus on your goals for the year ahead.

The questions help you to pick out the most importance achievements and your goals in areas such as work, fitness, family life and hobbies. I’ve found this can enable you to:

  • Appreciate the amount of things you’ve achieved
  • Remember joyful events with friends and family
  • Focus on your priorities
  • Let go of difficulties
  • Help form SMART objectives for what you want to achieve
year compass booklet
The Year Compass booklet


Ok here’s the next steps:

  1. Download the free booklet here:
  2. Fill in the 2020 reflection on the 31st December 2020
  3. Fill in the 2021 goal planning section on 1st January 2021

Use the hashtag #yearcompass and reply to let me know your going to fill it in.

Struggling to set goals? You need the…

The Goal Achievement programme

The Goal achievement programme is a four part video series explaining and helping you set goals and plan SMART objectives. The programme will help you achieve your goal quicker. Perfect for your Year Compass! The four videos are:

  • Easy Goal setting to conquer your mountains
  • Setting Objectives: The best way to achieve goals
  • Smart objectives make you Successful
  • The best way to plan SMART objectives
Mountain with blue cloudy sky with a flag at its summit.

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