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Merry Christmas from Mock Interviews. Christmas is here and that means it’s time for your present. Watch the video to unwrap your present.

Your 2020 Christmas present from Mock Interviews is: a sneak peak of our Goal Achievement programme coming in January 2021.

The Goal achievement programme is a four part video series explaining and helping you set goals and plan SMART objectives. The programme will help you achieve your goal quicker. The four videos are:

  • Easy Goal setting to conquer your mountains
  • Setting objectives the best way to achieve goals
  • Smart objectives make you Successful
  • The best way to plan smart objectives

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Christmas 2020 Youtube video announcing the Goal Achievement Programme

Part 1: Easy Goal setting to conquer your mountains

The key to achieving a challenge is setting a goal! Goal setting is the process of defining a target, planning how you will achieve it and what tools you need. This focuses and motivates you increasingly the likelihood you’ll achieve your goal.  This covers:

  • What exactly is a goal? A goal is a target of what you want to achieve.
  • Explaining the idea of a goal as a destination and you follow a journey to that goal.
  • The importance of having a goal: Without a destination, without seeing where you’re going, how can you plan the journey?
  • Why people find setting a goal difficult
Goal achievement programme part 1: Setting a goal

Part 2: Setting Objectives: The best way to achieve goals

Setting objectives is the best way to achieve goals. Objectives break down goal into specific things you need to achieve to reach the goal. Setting objectives ensures your actions lead to your goal, reducing the time it takes to achieve it.

People often find a goal challenging at first like climbing a mountain with no clear path. To get there you need a map to your goal. Objectives help define this path. This covers:

  • The importance of objectives
  • How to break a goal down into objectives
  • Why objectives provide clarity and specific actions
  • How objectives can be broken down into tasks
  • An example of setting objectives for the goal of “learning to play the guitar”
  • How achieving any goals can encounter setbacks
Goal achievement programme part 2: Blog post thumbnail showing a pink background with a red and white target with arrow in the bulls eye.

Part 3: SMART objectives make you Successful

SMART objectives make you successful in achieving your goals. Objectives are the things you need to do to achieve your goal. Making these SMART ensures each objective is:

  • S – Specific
  • M- Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Relevant
  • T – Time bound

Check out this part to learn how to set SMART objectives to achieve your goals.

Goal Achievement programme part 3: SMART objectives text with a brain with eyes, glasses and arms

Part 4: The best way to plan SMART objectives

When planning your objectives, they need to be SMART objectives. Defining SMART objectives is easy by using a Personal Development Plan table. This simple tool breaks down the objectives into each SMART element. The table has 5 columns:

  • The first is planned action/tasks – what activities you will do
  • Success Criteria – How will you know this is complete?
  • Resources – what you need or who you need to support you?
  • Goal – what you want to achieve
  • Date due – When will you complete this or review progress?

Check out this part to discover how to use the personal development plan table and an example of creating a SMART objective.

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