Goal Setting


A goal is a target of what you want to achieve. These can cover a range of categories, from learning an instrument, being more creative, winning an award or gaining a qualification. Typically, these are often long term and aspirational – your desired vision of the future.

Easy Goal Setting to conquer your mountains – Youtube video

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the process of defining a target, planning how you will achieve it and what tools you need. This focuses and motivates you, helps define the actions you need to take, therefore increasing the chance you’ll hit it.

Cloud background with a plan drawn on a chalk board, toolbox and man with an bow and arrow about to fire
Setting a target helps you to plan the tool and actions you need to do

Journey and destination

Imagine a goal as a destination. Without a destination, without seeing where you’re going, how can you plan the journey? How do you know you’re going in the right direction?!

You need a clear goal, so you can plan your journey like a map through maze.

Images of a map, monkey covering its eyes, signpost and a maze. The words "Goal = Destination"

How to set a goal

People often find setting goals difficult; they don’t know the destination. similar to a clouded sky obscuring the destination.  Start by thinking of the big picture, the vision. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the big picture?
  • In a year’s time, what will be different?
  • Where do you want to get to?
  • What do you want to achieve?
A mountain covered by four clouds each with a question used to help define a goal.
Four key questions to help define your target

Next… Setting Objectives

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