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Why should you prepare for a video interview when applying for a job?

Employers are increasingly using video interviews for recruitment. Either replacing or supplementing phone and face to face interviews.

These can be live video calls or where you record an answer to a pre-defined question which is assessed later.

Video interviews can feel very different to normal interviews, so let’s look at the 5 factors to consider when preparing for a video interview. Wait till the end to find out the best thing you can do to increase your chances of a successful interview.

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1st is first impressions count!

People often think: what should I wear? Do I need to wear business attire?

The answer is simple, Yes! You should dress the same as you would in person

Dressing in smart attire or a suit shows effort and professionalism – keys skills you want an employer to see. It can also differentiate you from others giving you an edge.

2. Environment

The webcam will capture more than just you – which can easily distract, so think about these 4 environmental factors. 


  • It is comfortable and puts you in the right mindset? A couch might be comfortable but can appear relaxed to the other person. Consider using a more formal chair.
  • Sit up straight with good posture – remember you communicate through body language.


  • Close windows to prevent road noise and passers by.
  • Switch off machines such as washing machines or radios.


  • Is the image bright and clear?
  • Are you visible on screen?
  • Could the lighting change with change in weather and cloud cover?


  • Ask others to be quite.
  • Ask someone to take animals for a walk.
  • Consider childcare if applicable.
  • Put phones on silent.

3. Equipment

You’ll be reliant on equipment during your interview; the key is to Test beforehand.

  • Webcam & Microphone: Check these are working.
  • Software: Download required software or make sure its up to date.
  • Test: Do a test video call with a friend.
  • Power: If you’re using a laptop or mobile device fully charge the battery and have the power cable to hand.
Image containing a drawings and a list of equipment to consider for video interviews including: webcam, microphone, software, test video call and power if using a mobile device.

4. Video format restrictions

Communication is more than sound, its body langue, hand movements. The video format could cause restrictions affecting the ability to communicate. Consider:

  • Time restrictions: Make sure your answers are concise
  • Handouts: You’ll be unable to use visual handovers as you would in person, therefore consider sending these in advance digitally.
  • Framing: Ensure your whole upper body is in frame – hand movements are key to explaining.
  • Audio: Video call audio quality can make it harder to hear what you’re saying. Speak clearly with clarity.

5. Preparation

  • Questions preparation is no different. Review the job description  linking that with your CV and relevant experience.
  • Use the STAR question format to get that experience across – Check our blog post and video to find out more
  • Don’t be tempted to google and answer if you don’t know – its better to say “I don’t know”
The image has the word STAR in yellow - describing the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) interview method for answering competency questions.
The STAR Method

Finally the best tip…

What’s the best thing you can do to succeed at an interview? Practice, practice practice!

That’s exactly what Mock Interviews provide, practice video interview. You’ll get move comfortable with the video format and feedback and coaching to improve.

To book a mock interview check out our packages and book by filling out our booking form.

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All the best.


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