How to Answer: “Tell me about yourself” interview questions


Tell me about yourself. This is likely to be one of the first interview questions you will be asked. You need to know how to answers this so you make a great first impression.

But, what’s the purpose of the question?

How to Answer: “Tell me about yourself” – Youtube video

The Purpose

The purpose of this question is for you to give an introduction for yourself, a quick summary only a couple minutes long! Two minutes is short you may be thinking. Imagine this as a teaser or shop window – setting out who you are without showing your full experience.

Image showing the purpose of tell me about yourself questions is about introducing yourself.
Introduce yourself with Tell me about yourself

Structure it like a Elevator pitch

As your answer is only an introduction you need to structure your answer so it’s quick. Approach this as you would if you were in an elevator when your CEO asked “Who are you?” – you’ve got two minutes to make a great first impression that they will remember.

Use this structure:

  • Start by introducing yourself; your name and profession.
  • Give a one liner of your experience and what you’ve achieved.
  • Hint why you like what you do – showing passion.
  • Link the passion to why you have applied to this role.

These last two points create excitement, intrigue and a hook for the interviewer to want to know more.

An answer structure showing how to answer tell me about yourself interview questions.
Answer structure


  • Keep it brief
  • Create excitement, energy, fun
  • Display passion


  • Recite your CV
  • Mistake it for “Tell us about your experience” – this is only a taster.
The key Dos and Don'ts for answering the interview question Tell me about yourself.
The key Dos and Don’ts

Lets look at an example, here’s Charlie:

Tell us about yourself Charlie:

I’m Charlie a statistics graduate.

I ran the digital marketing campaign for a charity event, which I’m proud to say raised thousands of pounds.

I found it existing being able to apply my statistical knowledge and creativity to generate results.

That’s why I want the role of a digital marketer as I can use these skills to drive better engagement and more successful marketing campaigns.

An answer example to the interview question Tell me about yourself.
Charlie’s example answer

And that’s how to answer “Tell me about yourself”.

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