Goal Planning for Interview Success


Happy New Year! (and new decade!) 2020 if here! What Goal planning are you doing in 2020?

At the start of a new year I like take time to reflect. Look back through my achievements, goals and memories of the last year and consider the year ahead.

Image of a laptop with goals 2020 on screen

Year Compass

3 Years ago I found a tool called the “Year Compass”. ( The free to download booklet gets you to answer a series of questions and exercises to reflect. This is split into two parts: the past year and the year ahead. This is perfect for goal planning.

Year compass booklet used for year reflection and goal planning
Year Compass booklet

The questions help you to pick out the most importance achievements and your goals in areas such as work, fitness, family life and hobbies. I’ve found this can enable you to:

  • Appreciate the amount of things you’ve achieved
  • Remember joyful events with friends and family
  • Focus on your priorities
  • Let go of difficulties
  • Help form SMART objectives for what you want to achieve

So what are your goals in 2020? I’d love to know, comment below.

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All the best.


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