Welcome to Mock Interviews!


Welcome to Mock Interviews! I’m Lewis, an engineer passionate about communicating well.

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Creating a ‘Magic’ interview

We all have memories switching off whilst listening to someone. Now compare that to the ‘Magical’ feeling when listening to someone engaging such as Steve Jobs.  Whats the formula for that Magic? Practice and how you tell ‘the Story.’

Your CV is the story of your career. The Interview your presentation.  But, how do you tell that story?

I started Mock Interviews to help you tell your career story with that sense of magic. That’s exactly the feeling a recruiter had about one of recent clients.

Amazing service. With feedback from the recruiter of “that interview was incredible” I have no doubt I got the job as a result of

Director – Transformation

Mock Interviews can help

We offer three different packages; a ‘Single Slot’, the ‘Triple Boost’ package or the tailored ‘Pick n Mix’ pack. Our ‘Pick n Mix’ pack is perfect if you have specific requirement of work in a niche sector. We are versatile to your needs as Chris, a recent client found.

My research is of a niche specialist topic. No matter what the subject, Lewis knows the best way to answer questions with clarity and impact.

Chris – Sports Psychology Lecturer

Read about our packages here and book a practice slot to create a magical interview.

Furthermore, if you want to see more tips for interview success check out our check out new Youtube Channel.

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